[meta] We’ve added some rules to the side-bar, please check them out.

Hey guys. You may have noticed the side-bar is a little more wordy than before.

  1. No personal attacks. Pretty self-explanatory, any aggressive or personal insults will be removed, please report if you see them.

  2. Please don't complain about reposts/sub content in the comments. We really don't want every comment section inundated with "hey, that cat doesn't look startled enough it looks more perturbed than anything."

    If you're worried about content decline, complaining isn't really going to do anything to increase it. Report it to us and we can remove it.

  3. On the issue of reporting, we check the queue every day. Please give us time to deal with any issues before messaging us (unless its urgent.) I would say about 24 hours.

If there are any issues that you feel need to be discussed, please use this as an opportunity to address them.

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